Another Fun Time in IFS

by theaudioprof on August 24, 2019

Don’t quite know where the 12 days go, or how the students and I hang on, but IFS 2019 wrapped up and I had a wonderful time learning about how to measure media effects on attention and emotion with 20 fantastic new IU students.

They learned how to measure heart rate as an index of attention, and skin conductance and corrugator muscle activation as an index of intensity and direction of emotion respectively. As an educator, it’s always fun for me to watch students learn by doing. And, of course, some of them aren’t really ‘into it’ as much as the others…but that’s ok too. In the end, I think we all have fun and everyone learns at least a little.

I had taken about 7 years off from teaching in the Intensive Freshman Seminars, and in that time they had introduced a new feature: the IFS Academic Forum. This is a way for students to get accustomed to sharing the knowledge they had obtained with those who had been enrolled in some of the other IFS courses. Plus, hopefully, my students got a chance to leave their own posters and filter around the Frangipani Room on the IMU and see the posters of other classes.

IFS 2019: This is Your Brain on Media (TIYBOM),

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