Worldwide Doctoral Defense

by theaudioprof on June 24, 2019

That’s me, in the computer, with the rest of the committee and Dr. Prena!

I was able to spend a couple weeks visiting Fudan School of Journalism again this summer, working with my friend and colleague Shaojing Sun to help set up his lab. But, when you are out of the country during the summer, sometimes students back home can’t wait for you to return.

Such was the case with Kelsey Prena who really needed to defend her dissertation before starting her job at Boston University. And so, thanks to modern technology and Zoom teleconferencing…and a late night for me…I was able to “attend” her defense of SETBACKS AND STEP-UPS: THE EFFECTS OF THE SETBACK PUNISHMENT ON DECLARATIVE MEMORY.

Congratulations to Dr. Prena and good luck!

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