A long time coming–I’m a book author!

by theaudioprof on October 3, 2011

A couple weeks ago I got an email from someone in the IFS office.  They said that they had received a package from Routledge press…and wondered if it was a package of desk copies for an IFS course I taught this past summer.  That seemed weird to me…but then I realized that I had been expecting the author copies of the book I’ve written with Paul Bolls Called Psychophysiology Measurement and Meaning:  Cognitive and Emotional Responses to Media. And, I wondered if perhaps the publisher had just sent them to the wrong address.

Sure enough, when I cut open the box, there were two copies of something that I had worked for a long time on.  And thought about working on for an even longer time.  In fact, a quick scan of old blogger posts this morning prove to be like an archeological dig sifting through the years.  I found a lot of good nuggets along the way, including two quick blurbs that were written about the book along the way:  Nugget One Nugget Two

And although it was an agonizing process at times, I feel pleased that I completed it.  It made me learn things that I only thought I knew, but realized that I didn’t know them well enough to write clearly and cohesively about them.  And it made me learn things I had very little understanding of (can you say “history of the field”?).   For that I am actually quite grateful.  So much so that my reaction to having this one behind me has been a little bit different from what I’ve observed in some colleagues who have written books.  They express satisfaction and pride in completing the project (just like me) but say they NEVER want to do it again.  As for me, I’ve already begun working on my next one.  My hope is that it won’t take a decade to squeeze out of myself.  More on that as it moves along.

My co-author, Paul Bolls, has also written a blog post about the books’ release.  Where this post points more to the personal feelings I experienced, Paul’s is much more to the point about the content of the book and how it hopes to help those interested in their own “brains on media.”  Check it out by clicking on the image below.

Another blog posting about Psychophysiological Measures and Meaning


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