Wide Variety in Musical Favorites

by theaudioprof on August 3, 2011

Another semester of my Intensive Freshman Seminar has begun.  Three weeks of “lower-your-shoulder-and-do-3-credits-worth-of-work” intensity that I really have enjoyed in the past.  This year I have 12 students, mostly from around Indiana and up into Chicago-land [however, I feel obliged to say the Jersey is represented!].

Anyway, this afternoon we begin designing the first of two experiments we will conduct.  The topic this week is on “Attention to Media” and so at 3 I will meet with half the students to hear their ideas for original research they can collect heart rate data on in the ICR.

It’s likely you’ll hear more about this in the next few weeks.  I have featured these experiments in the past.  But today I wanted to comment on the wide variety of musical tastes I found in the dozen students I have.  Each semester I ask my students to fill out a “First Day Questionnaire” as a way to break the ice, learn more about them, and find out what is popular among my students in terms of media offerings.  Now, I have no data to back this up, but it seems that in the 10 years or so that I’ve been doing this, there as been a noticeable decline in homogeneity in the answers I receive to the question:  What is your favorite song right now.

With this group, not a single commonality.  In fact, there is even little overlap among genres!  There are country songs, bluegrass songs, I spoken/sung comedy piece, a rock cover of a pop-smash, one hip-hop song, a pop song, and a BEATLES song.  I don’t know why that struck me as noteworthy, but it did.  Below you can take a look & listen to some of their favorites.

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