Powerful Lyrics by a Songwriter I Never Knew

by theaudioprof on August 31, 2011

Living in Bloomington I find some irony in the fact that long before I moved here I was a fan of John Mellencamp’s music.  For those of you who don’t follow that irony, J(C)M was born in Seymore Indiana just outside of Bloomington.  One of my faculty colleagues, Ron Osgood, won an emmy for producing Mellencamp’s DVD Trouble No More. This was going on right as I returned to Bloomington as a faculty member and I can remember a surreal moment in 2003 when I was coming into the RTV building–moving into my new office–at the same time that a pompadoured Mellencamp came out the same door and sauntered to a very expensive BMW convertible in the parking lot.


Anyway, one of my favorite Mellencamp songs is Minutes to Memories. Like many, I attribute the song to the artist but not the songwriter.  And last night I learned through the Herald-Times iPhone App that the person responsible for the poignant words (that honestly almost always put a lump in my throat) died of lung cancer yesterday at the age of 59.

His name was George M. Green.  I now know that he was responsible for many powerful Mellencamp songs like Human Wheels, Rain on the Scarecrow, and Crumblin’ Down.

Thanks Mr. Green.  Rest in Peace.

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