More great documentary work from Osgood

by theaudioprof on October 16, 2010

Ron Osgood is one of my colleagues.  He is a professor of video production, the manager of all the production lab facilities in the Department of Telecommunications.  He is also an Emmy Award-winning documentary producer.  And for the last 3-4 years he’s been working on a film called My Vietnam, Your Iraq.  It is, I think, a fantastic concept for a documentary…parents who served in Vietnam now having their kids serve in the Iraqi War.  It is starting to get wider distribution, too…as documented in this recent press release from the IU PR people

Anyway, yesterday as part of the Telecommunication Seminar Series, Ron spoke about a new spin-off project that he is working on.  He has recently taken a trip to North Vietnam and is trying to tell the story of the war from “both sides.” He is working on a Virtual Online Interactive Documentary (VOID) which will allow visitors to a website to see excerpts from documentary footage that he has shot talking about a wide and searchable number of topics related to Vietnam.  The dedication Ron has to telling “the story”  or rather…to letting others tell “their story” is always inspiring to me.

If you have a chance to check out My Vietnam, Your Iraq at the Heartland Film Festival…I encourage you to do it.

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