A Great Group of Students

by theaudioprof on August 15, 2010

The students in my IFS class this year are really an incredible group. Like each year before them, their interests and abilities vary greatly. But, what makes this group particularly special is how well they have bonded together as a cohort. Take for example last Monday plan, much to my surprise, all of them came walking into my classroom in Fine Arts 005 dressed in their pajamas! They went on to explain to me that it was “spirit week at IFS, you know, like in high school. Today is pajama day, tomorrow is IU-wear day…”.  I thought to myself what a great idea the staff of IFS have come up with!  It was only hours later that I found out that this was something that my class came up with all by themself.  Only they were doing it! 

Unbelievable! Pajama Day!

“You know, as a way of bonding,”  my intern Ronak told me.  That’s just the way these kids are this year, and it’s been fun to watch.  Here the group of them are in front of the Showalter Fountain which also made new this week.  

Also on Pajama Day the Attention Group  presented their heart rate data which showed that–contrary to what they expected by the way — their classmates paid more attention to movie clips when they were in black-and-white and when they were in color!  We talked about why that may be the case (perhaps more cognitive resources needed to be applied to the black-and-white clips because they were less familiar than the color clips, etc.)

This past week the emotion group got to design an experiment of their own. It was interesting, focusing on something that we talk about in class as a primary driving force among human beings in general — sexual attraction. And, perhaps that is even more of an interest to college freshmen, I don’t know, it’s been so long ago now since I was beginning my first days on a university campus…  More later.

Attention Research, Pajama-Style

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