Orchids & Robots: More from the Lion City

by theaudioprof on June 21, 2010

Did more sightseeing in Singapore yesterday and today prior to my first real duties associated with ICA 2010–which kick in tomorrow when I have to spend the afternoon attending my first Board of Directors meeting.  Sounds….procedural.

But, there was no Roberts Rules of Order associated with my visit to the Singapore Botanical Gardens on Father’s Day.  Although I missed being with my kids, I truly enjoyed myself.  The joy began with the excursion to the Gardens themselves.  I had looked on the SMRT online trip planner to execute my route.  But, when I got to the Promenade subway station to buy my tickets…it turned out that the planned result was not the optimum one.  The SMRT staff went out of their way to explain the best way to get there…and stressed that at every stop I should feel free to ask staff members (from ticket agents to bus drivers) for assistance and they would be happy to help.  I did and they were…both yesterday and today!  If you’re headed here, forget the cabs, take the mass transit.


So, if you’ve been following my blog during my trip down under, you have realized that I’ve grown quite fond of visiting gardens and parks.  But, changing countries…even to another one in Australasia…introduces a whole new set of flora.  Take a look:

Now, I initially wasn’t too thrilled about paying to get into the National Orchid Garden…but doing the conversion the S$5 ended up being about $3.50 and I think you’ll agree with these images it was well worth it…



I could post many more…but just go visit the place for yourself!  You won’t be disappointed.

Today, one of the things I wanted to do was drop by the Suntec Convention Center so that I could get a sense for the rooms where the Information Systems Division sessions would be held.  Little did I know that ROBOCUP 2010 was going on in the Convention Center beginning today.  And, what was even better was that the event was open to the public.  Now, I’ve never heard of this but I guess it’s been going on for something like 40 years…always coinciding with the World Cup.  They use the guise of getting scientists and technologists to create robots that compete against each other in a game of soccer…and their goal is by 2050 to develop robots advanced enough that a team of mechanical soccer players can defeat the actual human world cup championship team. 

Unfortunately, when I first dropped in on the event I did not have my camera with me.  When I returned later in the day, most of the soccer matches had wrapped up for the day.  I’ll try and get some pictures of that in the days to come.  But, for now, you’ll have to be happy with video of Olivia the robot and her (in my opinion ‘still-to-be-perfected’) voice localization mode:

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