Gorgeous Butterfly Garden Welcomes Me to Singapore for ICA 2010

by theaudioprof on June 18, 2010

I have successfully traversed the Pacific Ocean once again. Thursday June 17 officially disappeared from my life as I crossed the international date line. My wife was able to find the best airfare for me arriving 3 whole days prior to the start of my responsibilities at the ICA conference on Tuesday…and the Conrad Centennial Hotel was kind enough to give me the conference rate for the three early days! So, here I am!

In those three days I’ve got some writing and a presentation to put together. But I’m also hope to get a little bit of sightseeing and geocaching if I can. During my various readings as I prepared to do said sightseeing, I happened to discover a really cool feature of the Changi International Airport. In each of the three terminals they have created special gardens as attractions that travelers can visit while they wait for their flights. If I remember correctly, there is a sunflower and a cactus garden…but the one I really was interested in experiencing was the Butterfly Garden in Terminal 3! So, as soon as my flight landed in Terminal 1, I let the hundreds of other passengers go get their luggage straight away and wait in HUGE lines at immigration while I hopped on the T3 airtrain…

…well, to be truthful…I *DID* check with an airport information person first to make sure it would be alright if I didn’t get my bag right away. She said sure…I would just need to go pick it up at the Lost and Found area. Sounded simple enough.

The butterfly garden is a two story habitat formed on one side by curved glass windows. The sun shining through those, combined with the landscaped waterfall, brings the humidity right up to a point where the 44 species of butterflies living in there just must love!

It's thatta way

A beautiful blue butterfly enjoying a half of a pineapple all to himself!

A display told about different types of larvae. I was too tired to read about them.

It was a very peaceful and colorful way for me to begin ICA 2010…and if any of you conference goers happen to read this before coming over, I highly recommend it.

And, for those of you coming over who do want to start out ENTIRELY soft and gentle…the same butterfly garden features displays and exhibits of several species of carniverous plants native to Singapore.  (My son would have thought these were cool).

Meat-eatin' Plants

Come heeerrree little fly (yes, that's jet lag talkin' now)


Here’s some video I took:



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