Some Nice Press for The Audio Prof

by theaudioprof on September 20, 2009

Things are really busy here in Fremantle/Perth right now.  The Institute I’m working for has a big deadline looming on Wednesday…or maybe it’s Tuesday…the deadline is for a presentation in the US on Tuesday and it’s still hard for me to do the translation across the dateline.

Anyway, so I had to do more work over the weekend than usual…and as a result I just have a couple of quick things.  First, my thanks to Jennifer Piurek & Aaron Bernstein of IU Media Relations for the nice article they did about my IFS class in the online publication IU Home Pages

Secondly, the blog Online Universities let me know last week that The Audio Prof blog made their list as one of the top 100 blogs by science professors!  I don’t know their methods of selection…don’t really care.  It’s fun to be included on the list…at #96…but I’m saying that’s because the list is broken up into topical categories.  I prefer to say I’m 9th on the “Technology, Information, & Computers” list! 

But, check the list out…there are lots of other very interesting blogs on there.

Top 100 Science Professor’s Blogs.

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