A couple of quick updates

by theaudioprof on June 2, 2009

For a while now I’ve been using Twitter as a combination of hobby and way to find out interesting things that are happening in media, psychology, and audio/music.  twitter-256x256There have been periods when I have felt like I’ve been a victim of information addiction and overload and need to keep it in balance.  But, when it is, it’s very enriching and interesting.  Well, this morning I received an email from one of the editors of the website Associates Degree who told me that I was on the list of 100 Professors You Should Follow and Learn From on Twitter.  It was a very nice way to start my day…and this weekend I’ll be certainly following many of the other people on that list…


The second thing that I am happy to report is that things continue to move forward is out planned trip to Perth Australia for my sabbatical year!  During ICA in Chicago I was able to talk with Jenny Robinson of ITRI about some of the projects that I’ll be working on in their lab.  Very interesting stuff and I think that there will be some extrememly invigorating collabaration that goes on there!   And then today one of the last details needing to be settled WAS:  with an email I received from the Australian Dept. of Immigration and Citizenship our visiting-scholar visa was approved!  Now, the only thing still up in the air is renting our house for the time we are away from Bloomington.  But, good news there, too, as we had FOUR showings lined up for the today and tomorrow.  Exciting times all coming to a head!


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