What the Kids are Watching

by theaudioprof on January 15, 2009

Every semester one of the ways I begin my undergraduate courses is by giving them a little questionnaire asking a variety of things…why you took the course, what you want to do in five years…in ten.

And, since I know that the older I get the the less likely I am to watch the same type of television that my students do, I always ask them about their favorite TV shows.  I always ask:

  1. What is your favorite TV show right now?
  2. What is your favorite TV show of all time?

Usually, this is just something that I flip through after I get them…this time I actually did a quick (and by no means extremely precise) tally.  And so, without further ado…here are the most reported favorite shows right now:

Number 1:  The Office


This, wasn’t even close.  Twice as many students listed this show as their favorite than the second-place show.  Even today in class I noticed a student wearing a Dunder Mifflin hoodie.  I get told by students all the time that I would like this show.  I try…I really, really, do.  But I just don’t enjoy feeling uncomfortable while the characters act so damn dumb.  Maybe it’s the horrible possibility that deep down I recognize a little bit of myself in the Michael Scott character.  But, honestly, I have watched this show a total of three times in my life.  The first two times I had to turn it off it made me squirm.  I guess it may be growing on me, though.  Just two nights ago I watched the episode called “The Surplus” from beginning to end and enjoyed it.

NUMBER 2:  Entourageentourage

I don’t have HBO.  So, I have never seen this show.  I saw an excerpt from it when Bridget Rubenking, my Associate Instructor in T344 showed it during her guest lecture.  Hip guys who can talk using the language that real people do (since HBO isn’t constricted by broadcast network obscenity concerns).  Kayne West was in that episode, and Bridget told me that big guest stars like that are often on the show.  Jeremy Pivin is a great actor (I loved him in the cancelled Cupid).  And so it’s no surprise to me that this one’s up there in popularity.

3.  Dexter


Nice guy who works for the police department as a blood spatter expert…and also a serial killer.  This one I REALLY don’t get.  But, again, more than doubles the show that was the fourth most-popular (Grey’s Anatomy).

Another thing that was really interesting about the tallies is that two of these three “current favorites” are also “favorites of all time”!  Entourage and The Office came in 2nd and 3rd on that list.  But, by far, the favorite show of all time for my students was….I’ll unveil it next time.  For now, tell me what you think it is!

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Tim Laubacher January 15, 2009 at 12:24 pm

I love The Office. I think it’s hilarious, but you hit the nail on the head. It’s all about the uncomfortable situations. If you don’t enjoy watching awkward exchanges between people, then the show probably isn’t for you.

And I don’t have HBO, but I’ve seen every season of Entourage except for the recently aired season on DVD. It’s pretty entertaining.

A few months ago I did a quick survey of what my b&a coworkers were watching. http://www.babrain.com/blog/?p=235

theaudioprof January 15, 2009 at 1:39 pm

Thanks for the comment, Tim.
Okay, I gotta start watching the office regularly. Just made a reminder to TIVO what I saw Twittered would be a new episode coming tonight. Of course, they are all new to me.

I also received an interesting comment through Facebook from a friend who said that the reason it’s so funny is that it’s EXACTLY like what office work was for him when he hugged a desk for a major department store. That made me think…maybe the reason I don’t get it is that I haven’t had a job like that since 1993.

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