Favorite of ALL TIME!?!–not that there’s anything wrong with that

by theaudioprof on January 26, 2009

In my last blog posting I shared some of the results from a questionnaire that I gave approximately 100 students in the two undergraduate courses I’m teaching this semester.  I usually like to start off a semester with such a data-collecting tool because every year I get further and further away from the demographic  and psychographics of my students that I need to ask them what they heck they like and how they spend their time.  One of the things I always ask are their favorite TV shows right now.  [Find out the top 3 by reading the last post].

I also ask them what their favorite TV show is of all time.  This is the first time that I every really tallied the results in any systematic way but I can’t say I’m surprised by the winner.seinfeld

The TV series that famously almost didn’t make it out of initial pilot testing by NBC, Seinfeld, was by far my students’ favorite show of all time!  The show, of course, can still be discovered by brand new audience members every year.  Consider, for instance, that my current students were only 5 or 6 when the show went to off-net syndication 13 years ago.  And, unlike shows like MASH or The Cosby Show which may be similar “perennial re-runs” from decades ago, Seinfeld does not seem to be particularly dated in its topic matter.  It is after all, as everyone knows, a show about NOTHING and nothing is timeless!

As I type this I’m actually 10s-of-thousands of feet above the Midwest somewhere on my way to the National Association of Television Programming Executives (NATPE) convention in Las Vegas.  This is the annual trade show for syndicated programming of all sorts.  This year I expect to see displays promoting The Closer-Weekends, Two-and-a-Half Men, Numbers, etc.   Plus,  there will be first-run syndicated product too.  Maybe I’ll get to see Howie Mandell who’s trying to get stations to buy Deal or No Deal.  And, perhaps there will be emphasis from Sony Pictures Television on getting stations to hang in there with the show that actually made us laugh out loud at the idea of someone dropping a Junior Mint into a stranger’s open chest cavity during surgery.  I think that there may, in fact, be a good chance that there will be a Seinfeld push.  Sony is going to be rolling out 180 episodes in digitally enhanced HDTV quality according to an article I read by Ben Grossman in Broadcasting & Cable.  Stations will have sales and promotion support for the upgrade, too…with the voice of J. Peterman (John Hurley), adding his golden tones to on-air promos.  According to the Grossman article, John Weiser—the President of Distribution for Sony Pictures Television:

“The time is right to deliver he show in hi-def and continue our efforts to introduce Seinfeld to a new generation of viewers.  Now the quality of the broadcast with match the quality of the content.”


According to Weiser, “Seinfeld is the greatest television show ever.”  At least, according to my students, he’s right.


What’s your favorite TV show of all time?

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