Different Measures, Different Concepts. 

by theaudioprof on December 24, 2016

This ad was featured as a cover extension on a recent edition of Advertising Age. 

It is pretty funny to me, given the type of research I do. It is for a company that I assume does in depth interviews with members of target audiences for advertisers. It’s a jab at the trend of ad researchers toward the use of biometric (psychophysiology) to ‘really know what the consumer is thinking’ about the ad. 

Psychophysiological measures are time-intensive. And they are invasive, sometimes leaving the participant uneasy (look at that guy’s face!). The payoff is that they can tell us interesting things that the participant sometimes can’t…or won’t. 

But, of course, psychophysiological measures tell us one thing. Sometimes when we ask participants questions they tell us something different. And sometimes they tell us something that matches the physiological indications dead on. 

But, it’s important to remember to use both types of measures.  


Biophony, Geophony, and Anthropophony

by theaudioprof on November 26, 2016

Just read an interesting article from the BBC that talks about how climate change and human-made noises are altering the natural soundscapes.  

In it I learned the three words in the title of this piece, and was reminded of the Ted talk that I listened to once from Bernie Krause

Here it is:

Sounds are slowly and subtly being lost as habitats become increasingly fragmented, species become extinct and urban landscapes expand. 


Happy Thanksgiving

by theaudioprof on November 24, 2016


This is a test post. I’m thinking about getting back to blogging.